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Our Mission

The Educator Compensation Institute understands that the skills, knowledge, and methods of education employees are significant factors in determining student success and school district effectiveness, but much more empirical and qualitative research is needed to identify the different variables and dynamics impacting this correlation.  The educators, administrators, advocates, researchers, and support professionals who staff the Institute are committed to exploring and analyzing education employee compensation systems, workplace environments, and other pedagogical factors that affect student learning and school effectiveness.




This Institute was developed due to a recognition of the paucity of research and limited opportunities for exchanging ideas about alternative compensation for education employees, particularly teacher compensation.  Growing interest from teachers, administrators, advocates, school boards, unions, policymakers, researchers and politicians has created a national debate, with a diversity of articulated opinions.  Educator Compensation Institute, Inc. will serve as the resource for those interested in alternative compensation and other factors impacting positive outcomes for education employees.

  • Information Clearinghouse - with examples and explanations of existing alternative teacher compensation systems and current research and reports related to the impact of such systems.
  • Idea Exchange - where interested parties can share ideas, post questions, and seek guidance from each other or from the members of the Institute staff.
  • Research - will be conducted and commissioned by the Institute to assess the impact of alternative compensation systems.
  • Opinions - concerning alternative compensation and other related issues will be authorized by the Editorial Board of Directors.
  • Current Events, Commentary, and Insights - will be delivered through the monthly electronic newsletter.  Editorial observations about existing systems, reports about developing stories, and compensation system models and suggestions will be among the stories covered in the newsletter, ECI Monthly.
  • Services- in the form of on-site consultation and presentations, will be available through Institute staff and contributors.




ECI Officers and Board

Contributing Editors

First Annual Report of the Educator Compensation Institute - January 2008







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